Oatmeal and A Pizza Compromise

First, the oatmeal:


I started the day with this beautiful bowl of oatmeal, whipped Kath style. I’m so glad I found her blog, just for this technique! Extra toppings were hemp seeds, flax, and a drizzle of maple syrup. I try not to buy bananas too often (not local, obviously) even though I love them and buy organic–I do have some frozen, but not sure if it would work in this recipe.

The Pizza:

I love pizza, and since I haven’t had one in awhile and had leftover cooked ground beef, I decided to make one for dinner. I already had a frozen half whole wheat crust made from a previous batch (I always make 2 and freeze 1) so it was a quick and easy dinner. This pizza was a compromise: the hubby loves regular meaty pizza, I love veggie pizza. So I didn’t put on as many veggies this time. The other toppings were 4 sliced button mushrooms, ½ a zucchini, and about a cup shredded mozzarella.

I was going to make a side veggie to go with the pizza, but I knew I’d eat two slices regardless, and 2 slices of pizza is more than enough food for me.


Anything I make that involves dough, I like to call “rustic”, it lets you off the hook (of perfection that is!), but this is one of the best looking pizza crusts I’ve ever made.


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One response to “Oatmeal and A Pizza Compromise

  1. Your whipped oatmeal looks fabulous!!!


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